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Getting Everything Set Up

The overall process of setting up your Open Leads account is not overly complicated, but it does require some initial planning to make sure you cover all of the individual elements that make Open Leads so useful. The following processes outline the steps needed to successfully start using the app:

Step 1:  Add your Users
Add all of your users to your account first thing. This is the at the root of many other elements of set up so it is a good place to start.

Step 2:  Add your Types
Types are the set of tags or labels by which you can categorize the entries into your database. If you chose a template at the beginning, you will have some Types already in your account. 

Step 3: Custom Fields
Aside from the standard General Fields (which relate to contact info), each account should have custom data fields that relate to the specific information you want to have in your account.

Step 4: Design your Forms
Forms are the critical link for entering data into your Open Leads account, and can be used on your website, landing pages, or internally within the app to allow you to manage the data entered, as well as the fields contained in particular leads.

Step 5: Pipeline and Opportunities
Some users elect to keep track of a simple Sales Status and Pipeline record, and Sales Opportunities within Open Leads. While not required, it can be useful in getting a basic understanding of your sales volume and prospect statuses. 

Step 6: Plan and configure your Workflows
Workflows are simply containers or macros to execute multiple processes that are to be applied to leads with a single step. They will allow you to create automated processes for leads that can be applied automatically, as a form is submitted, or manually, to any lead in your database.

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