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Workflow Sorting and Categorization

Open Leads also gives Administrators the ability to categorize and sort their Workflows. This process is extremely useful and important to setting up both basic and more complex Workflows or combinations of Workflows. Often times users have primary Workflows that manage simple tasks and are applied manually by sales staff as the enter and begin working their leads. These can be labeled and placed at the top of the Workflow lists to make it easy for sales reps to find them when applying them to a lead.

Other times, users have configured more complex Workflow processes that utilize multiple Workflows to carry a prospect through the sales process - usually this means that one or more Workfliows are triggered automatically by completing a Task in the system. By labeling and sorting the Workflows, it is much simpler for the Account Administrator to find, maintain, and update Workflows as needed.

As with Messasges, by default all of your Workflows are "uncategorized," so your account functions as it always has.

To create a new Workflow category, go to Settings>Workflows and mouse over any message on your screen - on the far right you will see a dropdown menu appear that reads "Move to" - click here and you will see the option for "New Category" - clicking this opens a dialogue window allowing you to create a category:

Once the category is named, it appears in the section in which the grouped Workflows reside:

You will also notice a "Drag" icon to the left of the message name when mousing over a message in your list, you may use this to move your Workflows between categories, or you can use the dropdown to the right. 

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