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Sorting and Categorizing Saved Email Messages

Open Leads gives Administrators the ability to categorize and sort their saved email messages. This process allows you to group specific messages, for example canned Sales Responses into a group for easy retrieval by your sales team.

By default all of your Email Messages are Uncategorized.

To create a message category, go to Settings>Messages and mouse over any message on your screen - on the far right you will see a dropdown menu appear that reads "Move to" - click here and you will see the option for "New Category" - clicking this opens a dialogue window allowing you to create a category:

Once the category is named, it appears at the top of the section in which the grouped messages reside:

You will also notice a "Drag" icon to the left of the message name when mousing over a message in your list, you may use this to move your messages between categories, or you can use the dropdown to the right. 

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